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Your Instructors at CSE are not only friendly, they also have a life time experience with International Students Minimize

I am originally from England, and taught English in Europe and Asia before moving to the US. After working in finance for a while I decided that I missed teaching too much, so I completed my Masters in Linguistics and ESL at the University of Colorado. Since then, I have taught international students in Colorado and Hawaii. I love meeting people from all over the world, and helping students meet and surpass their language learning goals. Colorado is a great place to live, and I enjoy all the sunshine and the 4 seasons I like camping and hiking in the summer, and skiing and snow shoeing in the winter.

Richard Dean
  After a career of 45 years as a professional musician, singer, song-writer and band leader, I returned to the University of Colorado to finish my French degree. I enjoy interacting with people from other cultures, so after graduation pursuing a CELTA certificate and becoming an ESL instructor seemed like a natural extension of that interest. I have been teaching English since 2007, and I have found the same satisfaction from teaching that I received playing concerts all over the United States, plus I discovered the personal rewards that come from helping people learn something new.
A few of my interests include motorcycles, astronomy, photography, writing, painting, and travel (to France mostly).

I was born in Nebraska and grew up in Wyoming and Colorado.  I went to college near San Francisco to study biology and then worked as a cook and bartender.  I've been teaching English for more than ten years, and I've taught in Spain, Brazil, Chile and the US.  I like teaching because I like language and meeting students from different places.  It's great to be able to help some amazing people on their journey.  I enjoy, among many things: cooking, hiking, travel, museums, comedy of all sorts, and curious people.

I'm an ESL teacher and volunteer. I have a bachelor's in philosophy and have enjoyed wondering about things here and abroad for the past eight years. Most of my time abroad has been in Asia; including China, South Korea, Japan and Hong Kong. I have a certificate in teaching English as a foreign language. I get true satisfaction out of seeing students succeed and have met some incredible people along the way. I love reading, playing Go, being in the sunshine and training my dog, who already has a clear understanding of at least three English expletives. 

 Jake Marx

I began teaching English in 2001 in South Korea and in 2004 I helped run an education consulting business in China. I was a Korean linguist in the Army from 1997-2000. As well as Korean, I have studied Mandarin, German, Norwegian, and Spanish and have traveled all over the world. I completed my Bachelor�s degree at the University of Colorado at Boulder and my Master�s degree in International Studies at the University of Denver. Outside of the classroom, I enjoy being in the Mountains with my dogs, fishing, hiking, and shooting, as well as enjoying many of the outstanding breweries here in Colorado.

I am a native of coastal Maine with a degree in linguistics and a certificate for teaching English as a second language.  After College I worked briefly as a merchant marine and then as a Peace Corps volunteer in rural Zambia. I have several years experience teaching ESL in both Zambia and South Korea.   I enjoy teaching ESL because I enjoy meeting people from other cultures and helping them to expand their opportunities through improved English proficiency.    When I am not teaching I enjoy cycling, reading and spending time with friends and family.  

I am originally from Boulder, Colorado, but I have also lived in Germany and Thailand. I have a master�s degree in linguistics and TEFL, and I am also working on my master�s degree in education. I have been an ESL teacher for more than ten years, and I absolutely love it. I think this is the best job in the world because I get to spend my day with people from many different countries. I was a teacher at CSE about ten years ago, and I am thrilled to be back!

I was born and brought up near Seattle, Washington. I graduated from the University of San Francisco with degrees in Psychology and Education. I also took additional graduate level teaching courses at the University of California, Santa Cruz. I have been an English teacher for about 15 years now. You would think after so many years, I would be tired of teaching, but I�m not. I still love it! There is always someone new to meet from a different country with a fresh perspective and energy.  I am also a wife and a mommy. I have been married for 8 years and I have a six year old son named Victor. In my free time, I love to cook, travel, work out at the gym, plan extravagant parties and generally enjoy having fun with family and friends.

I'm a writer and teacher originally from St. Louis, Missouri.  After graduating with a Master of Fine Arts degree from Columbia University, I've taught ESL at international high schools and language institutes in South Korea, Per�, Poland and New York City.  My first novel, Weeping Underwater Looks A Lot Like Laughter, was published by Penguin Putnam in February 2010.  My favorite animal is the electric eel, the animal world's most accomplished covert operative.

Teresa: Likes: chocolate, grammar, dogs, creativity, and bicycling, foreign students! Dislikes: litter, manipulation, Brussels sprouts. Teaching experience: a lot Degrees: cool, warm, hot, Master's: curriculum & instruction




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